Friday, 14 April 2017

Happy Easter!

Hey awesome people!
He raised his heavy head and looked around. Through bleary bloodshot eyes He could see their sneers and the deep hatred in their eyes. His eyes met those of the chief priest who eyed back daggers that seemed to say, disdainfully, “Who do you think you are looking at?” Embarrassed, he looked back at the floor and sniffed back blood from His nose. He longed to cool His feverish forehead with the back of His palm, alas; it was bound to His right hand behind Him. He thought, these people are so blinded by the rage of finding something so great but unfathomable, so they will sit there and come up with their own incorrect perceptions. Humans!
To the right sat Pilate, a terrible person who, in the euphoria of the little authority dripping from Caiaphas, believed he held His right to live like strings on a puppet. This evil person had a history with executions of God’s following and mingling their blood with that of their sacrifices…He could only begin to imagine the horror that Pilate would command to be meted upon him.  His eyes continued to scan the sea of humanity chanting for His crucifixion for albeit one loving pair of eyes… at least one sign of mercy or humane human…nothing. His skin was stinging where they had struck Him with the leather cat-o-nine tail whips, so He could not move much.  The crown of thorns was embedded deep into His scalp, rivulets of thin blood coursing down to mingle with His tears. Yes, He was weeping, flabbergasted by the violence that He had been subjected to for no reason whatsoever. He watched Pilate wash his hands to “let himself off the hook” for what he was about to do to an innocent Person. Indeed. If these things are done when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?
After they finally got the green light to kill Him, they placed a heavy beam on His emaciated body and made Him carry it miles through the town. He has lost fluids and electrolytes, so He is not sure if the children with big merciful eyes He sees on the streets are real or hallucinations Angels are sending to remind Him that love is still a valid factor on the planet. He fell; once under the weight of the beam, the second time because He was too exhausted and weak. What happened to all those spots where His blood dripped to the ground? Is there some exotic plant that holds the cure for cancer, schizophrenia, AIDS?
When I get pricked by an office pin on my hand, I shriek so loudly in pain. I almost get hysterical. So I believe I have no right at all to dare quantify what He went through as they nailed Him to the cross like a serial murderer. Whilst up there, in the sweltering heat of the afternoon, breathing hurt…His diaphragm and ribs were so stretched that He was barely inhaling. His body was a blood soaked mass of pain. He was made a walking advert of the consequences of being bold, outspoken and different: you could die!  Sin was plastered all over Him; so disturbing a sight that His Father in Heaven turned His face away from Him. At that time, He was most vulnerable and had no one. He hang His head to see the people He had loved now hopelessly sad and shocked. He longed to wipe His mother’s tear-strewn face, but He could only do so much…give Her a companion for the time that He would be gone.
At 1500hrs He gave up His Spirit. The red eye temporarily hid her face to protest His cold blood murder and the earth trembled in fear. Of what would befall His killers, you and me? However, finally His suffering had ended.

He was, and still is Lord over the entire planet and is in control of nature’s order. Including simple instincts like self preservation. What stopped Him from bailing out? Using His infinite power to wipe out all the people that stood there mocking and spitting in His face? Why did He beg His Father to forgive those who hurt Him and not annihilate the entire city after His death?

I think it was because deep inside, despite the hurt, loneliness and shame, He knew who He was. The Prince of Peace, God with Us. He thus could not use His colossal power against the defenseless people He loved. His wisdom run deep and His mission was to save Humans from eternal suffering and death. He was not selfish or vengeful. His passion was already emotionally exhausting without adding such negative attitudes to the equation.

I pray that all of us may learn to imitate Him; to be above average and listen less to our bodies and more to our souls. We must be kind to those who despise us, because it lessens the emotional burden on our side. Forgiveness is worth it, it makes moving on easier and places control back into our hands from our oppressors. That we must think less of ourselves and more of others; He lived a full life for 33 years because He spent it helping others. He lit bonfires at night and chilled with His disciples, laughing and chatting in the same beat clothes and sandals. His wisdom and kindness made thousands flock around Him. Why live an empty life amassing wealth; stealing, running, committing fraud, only to die of hypertension at forty five while still lost and all alone because of that nasty reputation?

*I wrote this piece in honor of Jesus Christ, my all time Buddy who reminds me over and over that He knows too well what pain, sadness and loneliness are because He felt them; and helps me when I feel the same. Cheers fam! :)

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