Saturday, 13 May 2017


Hey awesome humans!

She turned away from him, her eyes melting with hot tears.
The psychopath turned to him and repeated:
“I am sorry, for infiltrating your life like that.”
He stared at her, still startled, not comprehending any of her heavily uttered words.
Thus, with a deep breath, she started to explain herself.

“I was trying out a silly experiment with an IP address anonymizing app…I wanted to see how far I could go. The stupid app gave me a German based IP address, so I decided to play.”
Slowly, it dawned on him; but she continued.
“I created a totally new social media personality that was far removed from who I really am. I searched for you and found you on all the social media platforms you are on. I started with facebook…”

Her voice broke.
“I sent you a friend request, and naturally you accepted. I chatted you up, we became close, but I realized what I was doing was creepy. It felt so wrong! So I stopped and brought the entire fa├žade down."
“Hang on a minute. Are you Katya Grichenn?” he asked, a frown creasing his face.
She inhaled deeply.

“Oh my gosh, I tried to find what…”
“Katya was completely encrypted. You almost did not stand a chance,” the psychopath dabbed her bloodshot eyes with an even redder hankie.
He banged his fists on the table and walked to the window of his office, exasperated.

“Why would you even do that! You stalked me for…how long? Three weeks? I could have you…”
“Don’t mention it! Even if the police comb the internet with an electron microscope, they won’t find a thing. Everything’s gone!” she implored genuinely. “Please forgive me!”

“Ok! So how about this…this experiment. Why did you choose me? Of all people! I don’t get…”

“It is because I like you!” she blurted out.

She pulled at her long braids, her hands quivering violently. “I have social anxiety, and I have never felt like this before, I do not even know where to start! I just did not know what to do, and I was growing more and more uneasy by the millisecond.”
"I would never hurt you... I promise…when I found out you were trying to figure out what Katya was because you thought she was a threat, I decided to come forward. I never wanted to hack into your life; I just wanted to know you, what makes you happy, if you had a girlfriend! That typa thing!”
All he did was stare at the broken geek before him. Through her thick concave lenses, he saw a pair of genuinely sad eyes and a rare but all too familiar glow:

Love. Real love.

“I’m so sorry!” she repeated.
In an instantaneous instinct, he reached out and pulled her into a tight hug. The familiar scent just made her cry harder; but he rubbed her back.
“You just remind me so much of myself! Disoriented, disheveled, disorganized, clueless and totally confused; but still genius!” she said into his shoulder.

“You really are Katya! What the hell!” he exclaimed on hearing the same words Katya used over and over.
The psychopath grinned awkwardly.
 “Can we grab a coffee?” he asked, still holding her.
“Yeap! Gibson’s! That is your favorite,” she suggested enthusiastically.
On seeing the surprised look on his face, she grinned harder.
“You told Katya you loved Gibson’s. Which essentially means, you told me :)

High level, or genius stalking. Awesome!
Exaaams and CATs people! I cannot believe I haven’t written something for y’all for so long!
When I write a love story, I blush :) because it is so freaking weird! I am one of those socially anxious folks who would totally go ‘Katya’ on her crush. Only that I have neither the energy nor the Wi-Fi to pull it off. ;)
However though, social anxiety disorder is real and recognized in the DSM-V. It manifests as extreme shyness, excessive fears of scrutiny, and embarrassment in all the relationships someone is involved in. Patients feel deeply distressed as this condition interferes with their functioning. They avoid new situations and social interactions as often as possible, feel awkward in people’s presence and have performance anxiety. People who do not understand it would term them as ‘Snobbish’ or “Aloof’ while they are only having a form of anxiety that is totally treatable! Treatment may take time and may involve some meds, but it passes with time.

Thus, no one has to stalk their crush anymore…just tell ‘em!

Cheers awesome humans! XX

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2. Dx. Diagnosis of Mental disorders app.