Saturday, 17 June 2017


Hey awesome humans!

It’s been way too long! Between psyching myself up for attachment, actually showing up at the amazing company and hibernating in the dark corners of our homely house on the weekends like the Zambezi crocs in the dry season, I have been thinking way too much, which is ok.

My mind roamed back and played me, in 3-D, the past semester and how we went at the speed of light in covering the content and my general experience and thanked God. Neither I, nor anyone I love appears to have undergone severe emotional or psychological suffering

Or at least, that is what I genuinely wish was true.

I have read a few motivation books that always give this piece of advice:

There are people who are negative and minded. The sun never shines in their life, and their very presence is a drag. They literally suck the life out of you. Stay away from such people if you want to prosper.


Indeed, such people do exist; they are mean, irritable, sad and tend to complain a lot. They ‘see the problem in every solution’. Before we dump their ‘sorry asses’ and move on ‘soar to prosperity like an eagle’ (Lord, do I hate this analogy!), allow me to dive deep and reveal the cognition of these individuals.

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These people are neurotic, which essentially means that sadness is intricately woven in every sphere of their lives. Their perception of life is negatively skewed; they see everything in a negative light unless they take a conscious effort to change that. Everything about them deeply hurts; for instance, they are the typa humans that pass by a kienyeji chicken stand and spot some meat wrapped in aluminium foil and go:

These terrible people, they just executed that poor chicken in full view of his brothers and sisters and displayed his carcass there to be bought by other people. Humans!

Even eating meat depresses them. Actually, they are as sensitive as a well functioning electric weighing balance. The slightest, most trivial event weighs them down.

Guess what? This brutal world does what it does best to emotionally hurting and valuable people: it breaks them further than they already are. Think about a typical bad time where you are having a hard time handling the lemons life is giving you. Even your tummy is too sensitive for lemonade because Doc says you are exhibiting the signs of a little ulcer:

If you tell your friends that you are broken and are experiencing emotional problems, they will avoid you like the black plague. As they stifle your cries with their insincere hugs, they will dig your back with their fake nails to show how repugnant your pathetic self is. Their “Aawws” and “Stop crying, I feel depressed at times too” will just hurt you further. When your issues become too much and your face droops, your eyes take up a deep hue of glossy red and you cannot concentrate, random people will harangue you: The conductor in your favorite “shuttle” will deny you change, the market lady will sell you rotten potatoes and a pickpocket will steal your money. That time, even gravity is against you: you will trip in presence of your crush in those 4 inch boots and as your tall figure topples in its magnificence, he will sneer and look the other way. You will fall flat out on the ground like a starfish, your paper bag with groceries will give as you cross a major highway and as they scatter on the highway, getting crushed by 15 tonne trucks, your own chest will get crushed inwards like a low pressure system. Lastly, as you pick up some comfort junk in your favorite supermarket, you will drop an entire row of biscuit cartons stacked neatly as you pick yours.

These events may seem trivial to the normal person, but to the neurotic individual, they are enough to trigger severe mental problems, such as nervous breakdowns or major depressive episodes.

No one really cares about anyone who, for any reason, cannot function optimally.. They are left out by friends and colleagues, who want to leave the negative minded people and soar like an eagle. You know how they put it, “Survival for the fittest?” As if they have ceased being mere mortals like the rest of us and earned the right to decide who is fit and who ain’t?


If you are reading this and have any condition or circumstance that is hindering you from being a high functioning individual, especially neurosis, you need to handle it smartly. As much as possible, do not tell or seek help from anyone for what you feel, except close family and professionals. Mostly neurosis results from an error in your thought processes or a deeply hidden trauma in your subconscious that only a psychologist or psychiatrist can help with. (Notice I didn’t say friends). 

Neurosis is treatable; meds and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) really work wonders and will totally transform your life.

Remember, if you hit a rough patch and start to feel sad again, you need time to rest, to be alone, to meditate; to take your meds and see your doctors. Irrespective of what the rules say, take time for yourself to inhale deeply, cry or write poetry, help out in a children’s home, sleep and dance…do what you need so as to cope. The rules in our campuses and workplaces do not factor in human shortcomings like the fact that one could be hiding a debilitating illness behind that charcoal grey suit or charming smile, so if your body gives in, your brain will shut down abruptly, like an old laptop. 

You will get fired or discontinued anyway, and it will be too late. Thus, you MUST steal yourself that time, because through that time you reinforce your strength to fight the unknown, to refuel spiritually and get some space away from all the drudgery that is this harsh, impersonal planet of ours. Even more importantly, you will facilitate your own healing and general well-being. Master the amazing act of being adequate in you and avoid circumstances that trigger sadness such as fair weather friendships.

Be smart, be strong, appreciate your uniqueness, trust no one but God, take your meds and derive your support from your family.

Don’t forget to breathe, even if your chest hurts :)

Cheers awesome humans! XX