Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Hey awesome humans!

She is just a random girl walking the streets of Nairobi like the diva she is. How about we follow her, awesome humans?

At 2036hrs, she finally tumbles into her apartment, groceries, junk bags and all; and dumps it on the floor. She winces slightly at having to hang on to the hundreds of bags so as to input her palm print into her biometric security system; but, hey, she is paranoid. She wouldn’t take it down even for a billion dollars.

She proceeds to kick off her six inch killer heels and howl in relief. Exhausted and exasperated, she grabs a brown bag from the clutter she came in with and staggers into the kitchen, the tantalizing aroma of fries and samosas trailing behind her like a faithful disciple. She dumps it on the counter and turned back to her designer bag to retrieve her tablet from her humongous designer bag.

Darn I hate exams!

Yeap! She is a Post grad student pursuing applied biochemistry and now after her 0730-1730hrs grueling job at that pharmaceutical company and putting up with insane traffic, she has to relax and study a little because she has exams next week.

In her peach themed bedroom, she slips out of her little black dress and into a red silken bathrobe and goes to the tub to run herself a warm bath. Above her head, is a cabinet which she opens to retrieve a thermometer.


The robe pours onto the marble floor like red wine as she slips it off and slides into the water like a water snake.

She gathers her miles and miles of leg into her hands and hugs herself. The water lulls her and slowly she slips from the present. Thoughts of exams and work projects are replaced by horrid memories that crawl upon her mind like cold, evil spirits. Chilled, she slides a little deeper into the water and allows them to take her, to consume her.

Suddenly the lights go out and she,  surprisingly, does not flinch. Her body maintains the same lethargic position in the tub.

The backup generator began to hum four floors below and a soft peach light illuminates the bathroom dimly. She begins to feel a distant spinning sensation that is gentle and soothing as the light returned; overwhelming her sensitive corneas.

Alas, she was fully clad in her work regalia, her spic and span lab coat burning her corneas even more.A familiar laugh brought her out of the dizzy stupor and she saw him.

“Mikkey! Hey!” She exclaimed, with her striking bright smile as Mike, her colleague approached.
“Need something?” she enquired after shaking his rugged hand. Years of handling the machines in the medicine plant had got the tenderness out of his large, ever stained hands.
“No, we are ok,” he replied with a slight smile that never reached his equally rugged face.

Her eyes mellowed, she liked him.

“Only some pain meds, my shoulder really hurts,” he added.

She literally jumped off her seat.

“OK! Follow me!” she quipped gleefully and walked towards the first aid room.
As she went about searching for the suitable painkiller, he crept behind her and placed his large palms on the small of her back. Gasping, she dropped the blister packs and spun round to a very different Mike. His eyes were alight with a deep passion.

“You don’t need pain meds, do you?” she whispered.
“I don’t need pain meds,” he said in a husky voice and took her in his large arms for a swooning make out session. As his lips lingered, her own body got caught in the wild fire and she engulfed his broad shoulders and dug her nails into his neck playfully.
He gasped at her intoxicating taste and pushed her to the edge of a first aid gurney, straddling her with his long legs.

She pulled away for Oxygen and laughed gently.

“Mikkey, we can’t go too far, I barely know you. We are at work! At least I know you like me too, I’m so glad,” she whimpered and pecked his cheek, smiling strikingly.
However, the flame of passion in his eyes had developed into an F5 fire tornado that scared her.

“Mikkey, please let me go, I have so much to do…”his lips cut her off again and she panicked.

“Please stop! Don’t do this…”

He pinned both her hands behind her with his left hand and rode up her black skirt with his left.
She tried to scream but only a whimper came through her dry throat. Her humerus protested his grip and all she could remember was the bleached jeans he wore and a horrific stab of pain in her deepest, most sacred place.

“I can’t breathe…please, let’s talk about this…Mike…No…”

Suddenly she woke up, bothered and devastated her fragile frame trembling in the now cold water.
She slept in the tub, and the nightmare repeated itself for the thirty-seventh time. She let out a hollow laughter and stepped out, her jet black mane clinging to her back.

Yes, she actually counts every time the dream repeats itself, in high definition, complete with surround sound and all the stuff that makes a horror movie exciting.

Only now, she is the star, the victim, and it ain’t just a dream, it actually happened to her. Yeap, her crush raped her right there and told her to help herself to the e-pills in that very room.
As usual she will cry a sea of tears and ask why it happened to her, why she was so stupid as to let that happen to her, and then she will fall asleep.

She will rise the next day like a phoenix from her fitful sleep, slurp a stiff coffee from her expensive china before adorning a gorgeous outfit and complementing it with dark makeup; then show up for work like the queen she is. When the time is right, she will slither upon Mikkey and make him regret his actions; the way a cobra would.