Sunday, 20 August 2017


I have questions haunting me.

No.1, tell me what you wanted from me.
Can’t you see, I am just a womanchild! A woman true, but a baby trapped in her innocent eyes!

No.2 why would you assume I want to play second fiddle to her.
Yes that queen you are hiding, I found her between your pick up lines.

No.3 why would you try to play me for a fool? Is it because I am young? Am I a walking pillar of desire for men like you to warm their cold bodies in?

No.4 Why tf are you still alive? How has the Lord taken you off the face of His beautiful planet? For you are a blight on its face, you should pay the ultimate price. It is better for me to weep at your grave than see you walking around with her.

No.5 What did you gain, ripping a daughter’s body apart? When you saw me walking your way and slithered the other way like the python you are, what run through your mind?

No.6 Are you real?

Or did Satan force you soul out of your gorgeous body and pirouette towards me? Do humans like you exist? Did you ever care? Did you think that I would get hurt when you vanish like the morning mist?

No.7 Were you blind? Did you not see it in my eyes, my plans for you? To give you my all, my heart, sweat, blood and support? My body never knew such pleasure! However, my heart never knew the pain of a true myocardial infarction, for a part of it is dead! 

No.8, What will you do when it’s time for karma to avenge her broken child? Where will you run? For karma is a hunting hawk, waiting patiently for her prey then attacking when they least expect it. I shall be there to watch her ravage you, break you apart and consume you like a wild fire. Behold, you will never get away. And I on the other hand will not soil my hands trynna hurt you. For it is unlike me to hurt someone I truly love.

**inspired by Camilla Carbello’s’ I have questions’, really beautiful song:) xoxo