Sunday, 20 August 2017


Inside her head are a chopper’s blades
They agitate a complex cocktail of confusion, anxiety and uncertainty through her mind.
So distinct is their whirr
That she shudders as the pungent liquid sways and swirls
They are too loud, these blades.
She staggers to her full length mirror,
Much to her horror
She recognizes the spirit that has seized her soul
What is love?
Is it a blood thirsty nightmarish ghoul?
Or is it a necessary evil.
As she stares on, her body warms as if in the morning sun
A kind glow, like a candle…
Love is a powerful storm
She is the oceans and seas giving life to all of Earth’s children
She is the intense heat of the red eye, unrelenting in its quests
She is a wild fire, consuming all in its wake.
How dare they!
How dare they trap her, infinite as the universe in its vastness, into a box?
Alas, when did even a gold coffin hold the furry purry snakes of Egypt?
Who do they think they are, creating a Pandora’s Box,
Trying to trap the universe with a simple box
However, the box will shatter with the sounds of a billion bazookas
Swallow the cynical ones trapping her in the black hole ensuing,
And she will be free to let the storm consume her, wet her,
To let the sea indulge her deepest desires and longings
Her body will catch fire
And she will fall through the vastness of space; eyes closed, hair set free,
She will feel the sheering force of love, the uncertainty and bliss,
And then she will begin to heal.

**that is what we get when I interact with my poetic side... Hope you love it:) XOXO